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REPLACEMENT RUDDER ASSEMBLY FOR TOURNAMENT SKI BOATS This solid bronze, neutral steer rudder has slotted mounting holes in rudder box flange to allow universal fit in most existing hole-patterns on ski boats. Excellent performance and handling, lip seal, bore size 2", slots fit a 3/8" fastener. Part No. Description 1. Post 1.00 DIA. 2. Blade 3. Rudder Box W/Slot MountHoles 4. Lower Bushing 5. Lip Seal 6. O-Ring 7. Retaining Ring 8. Upper Bushing 9. Grease Fitting 10. Backing Plate, Slotted Holes 11. Tiller Arm 2. Bolt (Intersects Post 13. Flat Washer 14. Lock Washer 15. Nylon Insert Nut 16. Set Screw 17. Key 18. Bolt 19. Jam Nut

The bottom plate of the port measures 4" X 4" with slotted holes for ease of installation using the existing 4 bolt holes in boat. The total post height is 5.75" the actual rudder blade measures 12.75" for a total height of 18.5" top to bottom, 7" long tiller arm. The rudder port size is 2" some older boats have a 1.5" hole and will have to be drilled out with a 2" hole saw. This rudder will NOT work with most Correct Crafts.



Price: $459.00