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For all PCM EFI engines beginning mid year 1996, patented FCC (Fuel Control Cell), which totally eliminates vapor lock. TO EXTRACT: Pre 2005 Spin on Canisters. 1) Use 2 oil filter wrenches. One at the top and one in the middle of the FCC. Use extreme pressure on both and hold till it starts to move. 2) Disconnect lead wire coming off FCC, about 4" to 6" from FCC which is the power supply to the fuel pump. 3) Replace filter, spin on the canister, snug it up and check for leaks. NEW STYLE WITH CLAMP (AROUND 2005) TAKES TWO O-RINGS. THE OLDER SPIN ON STYLE USES ONE O-RING. CHANGE ANNUALLY!


Item: RP080026

Price: $46.85